2018 Call for Speakers

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Your Workplace welcomes speakers from across the globe who have a history of well-researched, credible content that is innovative, timely and accessible. We are also interested in presenters who can provide actionable tools and measures to substantiate the concepts presented. This event features both research and practical application within the content streams of: leading, managing/coaching, wellness and work culture.

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2017 Speakers


Rocky Ozaki

VP of Community, BC Tech Association

Rocky Ozaki is a self-professed evangelist on the future workplace. He believes that technology, a sharing economy and the connected generation are dramatically changing the way companies attract and engage their people, and is leveraging his 10 years of senior level operations and HR with four years of start-up tech experience to help organizations of all sizes and sectors thrive in the workplace of today. Ozaki is the Vice-President of Community for the B.C. Tech Association and is a co-founder of STARFiiSH, an engagement survey company for the tech industry.


Brady Wilson

Co-Founder, Juice Inc.

As the founder of Juice Inc., Wilson functions as a human energy architect working with leaders to build the conditions in which innovation, the creation of values and unforgettable customer experiences can flourish. He helps leaders step into life’s grittiest tensions, inspiring them to create a sustained approach to positive change and better business results.


Agnes Garaba

Head of HR, SAP Canada

Globally SAP has 80,000 employees, and Agnes Garaba works tirelessly with the Executive Leadership Teams across Canada to drive business execution through best in class human capital practices and employee engagement. Agnes and her team are committed to creating an exceptional end-to-end work experience to SAP Canada’s leaders and employees, driving innovative projects within all elements of the HR portfolio.

Corey Diamond

CSR Whiz, Realized Worth

Corey joined Realized Worth, a company focused on the design and implementation of corporate volunteering and giving programs, after more than 15 years working in the environmental consulting sector. He currently manages the operations, business development and account management. As an active volunteer, he works with a number of environmental social justice organizations.

Travis Dutka

Culture Curator at 360insights

Travis is the Culture Curator at 360insights and an espresso enthusiast. He works with senior leadership, HR and the people leaders of 360insights to create the “360 Unbelievable Experience”. Since 2012 he has focused on talent acquisition, learning, growth and employee experience for this rapidly growing software company which grew from 59 employees in 2012 to over 260 today. 360insights is rated in the top five best places to work in Canada for four consecutive years!

Jennifer Elia

Assistant Vice-President, Client Experience Integrated Health Solutions at Sun Life Financial

Jennifer is a change leader with experience in financial services, with a focus on connecting health and business performance. Jennifer leads a team of organizational health experts focused on meeting the healthy workplace objectives of Canadian businesses, including some of Canada’s most recognized employers. She is passionate about using health data and insights to support decision making, and deliver solutions that drive business performance.

Celese Fletcher

HR Specialist in Work Culture

Celese is a Certified Human Resource Executive and has participated in formal reviews and tripartite forums of Canadian and international employment legislation. She is a sought-after investigator for Harassment and Workplace Violence complaints. Celese’s consulting practice, The Fletcher Consultancy, focuses on improving work relationships which results in substantial savings of management time, productivity improvements and harmonious workplaces.

Allan Kehler

Mental Health Expert, Out of the Shadows

Allan’s commitment and understandings to the lifelong process of truly living enables him to equip audiences with invaluable tools. After a youth spent persevering through mental health issues and addictions, Allan shares a simple process and reassures everyone that nobody needs to be fixed. Rather, the value of being seen and heard is immeasurable.

Dan Latendre

Technology Innovator, Igloo Software

Dan is a leading expert on the rise of the digital workplace and the future of work, helping organizations achieve their true purpose through a people-powered digital workplace. Dan has successfully led Igloo from a technology start-up to a globally recognized company. Drawing on his wealth of experience, he helps companies navigate pressing workplace trends.

Joie Quarton

Conflict Management Practitioner, Yukon Government; Respectful Workplace Office

Joie is a lawyer, mediator, and conflict resolution specialist and has many years of experience adjudicating claims of physical and sexual abuse at Indian Residential Schools. Joie is also trained in Integrative Body Psychotherapy and brings this body focused training to her work in coaching and conflict resolution.

Natalie Richter

Authority in Global Work, Richter Global

Natalie’s specialization is communication style differences and how to bridge the gaps and leverage those differences. She taught Applied Cross-Cultural Management and her coaching practice includes organization and team culture development and integration. She also coaches executives who do business in relationship-centric cultures who must maintain professional integrity and comply with regulatory processes.

Corry Robertson

Executive Coach

Driven by her belief that for companies to thrive, the people must thrive, Corry’s coach approach brings alchemy to leadership development and she breaths life into coaching cultures to life within companies. She cross pollinates insights, ideas and solutions from the entire leadership spectrum and the result is the elusive “AH HA” moment!

Jared Valdron

Organizational Psychology Researcher, University of Waterloo

Jared is an organizational psychology researcher and people analytics consultant who specializes in deriving quantitative insights from unstructured HR data. Jared has analyzed text-based HR data for some of the largest organizations in Canada, and is currently developing a machine learning algorithm that replicates human categorization of text responses.