Our Story

Fulfillment at work is a right — not a luxury.

After one accident and two years on disability—I was willing to do anything to have purpose again. I felt demoralized as I moved from senior executive to entry-level retail. I embraced the opportunity as it was better than staring at ceilings nursing a back and neck injury. In time I wanted more—I wanted to help people prosper. A change in companies and a shift to human resources seemed like a logical move. However, it was not long after settling myself into the management position that I discovered that the smiling, rosy faces presented during the interview process were a façade for the darkness within. I was unwilling to forfeit my values and my integrity to perform the tasks asked of me. My superiors crossed the line with a request that I still believe was inhumane. I refused and was terminated.

And so, Your Workplace magazine was born. Out of integrity and uncompromising values.

At Your Workplace we believe that fulfillment is a right and not a luxury. We recognize that a positive work culture leads to engaged, inspired and healthy employees who contribute more in terms of creative ideas, performance and results. Your Workplace is your source of information to help you create a workplace where you want to work.

Vera Asanin
President & Editor-in-Chief